Name and socials

Sarah Derry 

@sarbug @_sarahannphotography

Small intro about yourself. 

I’m Sarah, live in Chicago with my boyfriend, his son and our dog son. I work in marketing, have a photography business and a consultant for Rodan and Fields.

What is your bossy business?

Wedding photography

When did you start your business/project?


What inspired you to be your own babe?

I loved photography and thought I could do this and jumped in! It’s been a huge journey and it took me years to get people to trust me with a wedding. Had to build up my clientele and work.

What's your favorite place in Chicago? 

My house 😂 .. but seriously I love my home and decorating but also love love love cafe babareeba for food, the beach for fun and boystown for going out.

What's your dream vaca? 

Hawaii - have been but need to go many more times.

To date whats your biggest accomplishment? 

I have worked very hard in my full time marketing position and proud of where I am. My main goal there is to become a VP of marketing. I also will ALWAYS remember the day of my first wedding I shot, it was MAGIC.

you've made it, you're doing an interview for Oprah and she asks you what your biggest struggle was in your journey, whats yours?

Making a business while terrible life items are happening and realizing that sometimes the chaos brings the most magic.

If you could brunch with your ultimate boss babe crush, who would it be and why. 

Jenny Mollens- hilarious, empowering and I want to learn how to not give a shit like her.