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Small intro about yourself

Deadlifting yogini on a mission to show women how to live a life in alignment — mind, body, soul. Wellness warrior. Mindful muscle maven.

What is your bossy business?

I’m creating a membership portal for women to access monthly workouts, yoga flows, guided meditations, + self-care tips to help them live life in alignment with their Highest + best self.

When did you start your business/project ?

This year!

What inspired you to be your own babe ?

I’ve always known I’ve been called to help people, to teach, to be of service... and it came to me when I was in a yoga class that THIS was what I was meant to be doing.

What's your favorite place in Chicago? 

Still on the hunt for a favorite place.

What's your dream vaca? 

The Maldives — or anywhere with beautiful beaches + sunshine!

To date whats your biggest accomplishment? 

Starting my blog + completing yoga teacher training (it changed my life + my mindset!)

you've made it, you're doing an interview for Oprah and she asks you what your biggest struggle was in your journey, whats yours?

Doubting myself. Thinking I lack. Projecting that false belief on myself — as a defense mechanism because I fear failure.

If you could brunch with your ultimate boss babe crush, who would it be and why. 

Danielle LaPorte — she’s real AF and her self-development books literally rocked my world.