Meet Jodi Dudek 

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IG: @jodidangerous

Small intro about yourself. 

Hi, I'm Jodi! 👋 I've lived all over the US and love traveling, so my mom has always called me a gypsy. I've recently discovered that I'm a "Renaissance Soul," because I have so many interests, passions, and hobbies and refuse to choose just one. For the longest time I thought this was a bad thing, but have realized that it makes me the best friend, travel buddy, worker, advice-giver, connector of people...

What is your bossy business?

Creative Director, Art Director, and Designer (print, digital, social media)

When did you start your business/project?

I've been designing professionally for over 15 years, often freelance/contract, and now trying to figure out the next, grander form of this.

What inspired you to be your own babe?

I've always been very curious and independent, and always knew that I wanted to own my own company.

What's your favorite place in Chicago? 

Kai Zan for sushi, Empty Bottle/Thalia Hall/Metro for shows, cocktails at SO MANY PLACES, and hopefully I hit up a photo booth in the course of a night.

What's your dream vaca? 

I recently made a stop in Japan, which was #1 on my "bucket list." Now, I'd say island hopping in Philippines, or seeing so many places in Africa: traveling around Morocco, Cape Town, a safari, Victoria Falls, islands off of the east coast...

To date whats your biggest accomplishment? 

Moving all over the US, starting from the bottom, and always blazing my own trail each time.

If you could brunch with your ultimate boss babe crush, who would it be and why. 

Rihanna, because she's uncompromising, chill, makes smart business moves, and is a fashion icon. Plus, I would hope that the brunch would involve dancing on tables at the very least.

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