fashion heels the soul



Small intro about yourself. *

My name is Jessica, and I'm 32 years old. Originally from Metro detroit and moved to Chicago almost 5 years ago. I love fashion, food, dogs, shopping, and going on adventures!

What is your bossy business?

My blog, Fashionheelsthesoul, which is all about staying on trend without breaking the bank!

When did you start your business/project ?

I started my blog a couple years ago

What inspired you to be your own babe ?

It all started as a creative outlet, and having something that was my own. I love the idea of being independent and only having to answer to myself!

What's your favorite place in Chicago? 

Thats tough, there are so many amazing places here. Indoors: Chicago Athletic Association. Outdoors: Milton Lee Olive Park

What's your dream vaca? 

Probably going to Bora Bora

To date whats your biggest accomplishment? 

Growing my blog and working with some great local brands, like Lori's Shoes in Chicago.

you've made it, you're doing an interview for Oprah and she asks you what your biggest struggle was in your journey, whats yours?

Not comparing myself to others has always been a huge struggle for me.

If you could brunch with your ultimate boss babe crush, who would it be and why.?

Teni Penosian.

She's a makeup blogger and I just genuinely respect how she carries herself, and how she's grown her business.