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Small intro about yourself

My name is Amanda, and I was born and raised in Chicago. I fell in love with a sewing machine at the age of 13. I found I always loved fashion and discovered how to make it myself through many trials and tribulations in my parent's basement. Even more, I discovered I loved telling stories through a medium like theatre, but ended my acting career at the age of eight as I was more interested in watching my mom sew my costume over memorizing lines. Today, I am a costume designer for theatre in Chicago, and an artist who loves to paint, draw, and everything in between.

What is your bossy business ?

Freelance Costume Designer and Artist

When did you start your business/project ?

I've been designing costumes for 5 years

What inspired you to be your own babe ?

My love of making, creating, and sharing it with others

What's your favorite place in Chicago? 

Tea Bar by Easthill - its one of the most zen places in Chicago

What's your dream vaca? 

Road tripping down the West Coast

To date whats your biggest accomplishment? 

Finding my artistic style through drawing and painting - its taken years for me to cultivate how I express my visions on paper

you've made it, you're doing an interview for Oprah and she asks you what your biggest struggle was in your journey, whats yours?

My biggest struggle has been fighting imposter syndrome or doubting myself constantly. I feel I have been able to overcome it by reminding myself that my ideas are unique to me because I am the creator of them, and to remember to use my artistic voice that can only be found in me, by me.

If you could brunch with your ultimate boss babe crush, who would it be and why. 

Lydia Crespo - I love her textile work that includes dyeing and weaving. I could pick her brain for hours since I would love her to teach me anything!