Lauren and I are each others hype girls, we spend hours at Lauren's nail appointments throwing ideas around and inspiring the fuck out of each other. Oh yeah this is going to be a blog that swears because thats just who we are. So yeah, Lauren and I bounce so many ideas off each other all day long, We've been talking about starting a girl group to inspire ourselves and inspire others and host meet ups and encourage other boss babes to just fucking do it. Sometimes you just need someone else to tell you, DO IT! We so often stand in our own way of what we really want to do because we don't know what were doing, or were afraid of failing, or people wont like what were doing. Whatever who cares, just do it ya'll. Thats why we created ByoBABE, there are tons of other people doing what were doing, but were not focusing on the people who have made it to the tippy top of their industry, were focusing on the people who are trying to start something or who have started something and they want to grow it. Were here for you. Behind every bad ass babe is a bunch of other babes lifting her up and rooting her on. Come hang with us. 

BYOLIFEEllegra Davis